Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

Summer has come and gone. The closing of summer once again is marked by the St. Francis County Fair. The “fair” is a local tradition for all citizens of St. Francis County and the surrounding areas. It is the time of year that the lights and excitement in the air put a smile on a baby’s face. A time to visit and “catch up” with friends you do not get to see often. It is the time when some lucky girl will win a ribbon and crown that she will hold dear and treasure for the rest of her life. It is one of the few times of the year that we all come together as a community to enjoy each other’s company. The Kountry Kitchen and vendor’s trailer’s keep an exciting aroma in the air. As the air jumps with excitement from the music and lights. Everyone can leisurely stroll around the grounds observing the many crafts and talents of our local artist. Many of who do not even consider their self an artist. Be it Aunt Suzy’s prize ribbon preserves, an enthusiastic photographer’s photos, someone’s knitted and smocked garment or a farmer’s robust cotton that puts that satisfied smile on his face, content and proud of his harvest. There are so many different things. The huge ferns that are legendary for stealing the pride of the show for so many years. None of this could be done without the participation of the citizen’s that invest in their community and their children’s memories.

As much as it is a fun time it is also a work time for so many. The yearlong behind the scene activities and maintenance of the grounds and structures are something not many give thought to.  Everyone asks “When is the fair?” That is when the fair starts for most. However, for so many that out of the goodness of their hearts strive to keep the fair alive the fair starts a month or two before opening day. If not sooner. The grounds have to be prepared. The buildings cleaned. Menus planned and food orders made. The Kountry Kitchen has to have a staff planned. As well as the gate and all entry check ins. The McDaniel’s attend fair conventions throughout the year. Johnny recruits the rides and food vendors. Bonnie Dotson has a full agenda with making sure everything is taken care of as it should be. Even as the fair is the “fun time” of the year we all look forward to. It is also work. I would like to express my appreciation to Johnny and Constance McDaniel, Bonnie Dotson, Berta Ann Elphingstone, the fair board, Janet Finley, Mitch Crow, SFC Master Gardener’s, Hughes Town and Country Garden Club, the U of A Extension Service, the Garden Gate Garden Club and all the many others who out of a labor of love for their community spend countless hours to ensure the St. Francis County Fair is the best fair possible. There are people I have not listed. That does not mean that I am not appreciative or that you are left out. I indeed do thank you. There are simply too many names to mention everyone. As I never want to take away from anyone’s enjoyment of the fair I do hope you will now also be aware of the “other side of the fair”. If you see any of these fine people or members of the contributing organizations please make it a point to thank them. It is a thankless job and you do not realize how much the two little words “thank you” truly do mean. In closing I would like to thank everyone for making this county event such an enjoyable success year after year. Thank you!

Mark A. Bieber

• • • • •


Dear Editor:

I felt compelled to write to you. This is kinda like a letter from God.

God said I created everything. My favorite creation is mankind. I will do anything for him.

When I create people it’s like my snowflakes, I don’t create two alike. They all have different bodies and different minds. The only thing they have in common are their souls. I heard your prayer for a cure for cancer.

I created people who would become doctors and nurses to work together and find cures for cancer and other diseases.

I heard the cry of the hungry and created people who would know how to produce food in abundance and get it to the people before they starved.

I heard your cry for peace and no more war. I created people who would love me and teach the people to love and live in harmony.

I also created people to invent new things and know about space and all the things of Earth. All this would make the world a better and happier place.

We ask God, where are all these people? God would say to us, you aborted them.

This is sad but true.


Jane Mills



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