Troop D reports normal holiday

Arkansas State Police Troop D is reporting another fatality-free holiday period for the eight-county area following the Fourth of July holiday enforcement period, which ended at midnight Sunday.

According to a report from Troop D, which is headquartered in Forrest City, there were 18 accidents during the holiday period, which started at 6 p.m. Thursday.

"We had a busy holiday period, but it was a good holiday period. There was a lot of traffic and we worked several accidents, but none of those involved fatalities, and that is always good. It was really a pretty standard holiday weekend for us," said Lt. David Moore with Troop D.

According to the report, there were 450 total arrests during the period with 125 speeding arrests, 12 DWI arrests, 57 seat belt arrests and 16 child restraint arrests. There were 107 non-hazardous arrests, 91 criminal arrests and 42 other arrests made during the period.

The arrest numbers for this year's holiday period were down from last year's 734 arrests during a five-day holiday enforcement period.

This year's holiday period also included 578 warnings and 71 motorists being assisted by troopers.

Troop D includes St. Francis, Cross, Crittenden, Woodruff, Monroe, Lee, Prairie and Phillips counties.­

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