Civic Center Commission considers distributing surveys

Members of the Forrest City Civic Center Commission on Tuesday discussed the possibility of distributing satisfaction surveys to patrons of the civic center. The commission also reviewed some of the improvements made at the facility during their monthly meeting.

Commission chairman Melvin Tinsley told fellow commissioners he believed a satisfaction survey would help the group determine what is being done right and what can be improved at the Forrest City Civic Center.

"I think this might be something we should consider," said Tinsley. "Once someone rents a room at the facility, we can ask them on a volunteer basis to do a survey. 'What did you like? What did you not like? What can we improve on?' Those are just some of the things we can ask."

Commissioner Ernestine Weaver said that by asking everyone about their experience, civic center patrons will know that the commission is concerned with their opinion and looking to improve where possible.

"It'll let the people know that we have a genuine concern about how they feel about the service they're getting," said Weaver. "It makes them a part of what we're doing, because we're doing it for them."

Tinsley agreed.

"Without their patronage, we couldn't have this here," he said.

Commissioner Linda Watson told commissioners that she had received compliments on the facility from out-of-town guests who had attended an event at the Forrest City Civic Center.

The commission took no action on the surveys, but Tinsley told commissioners he would discuss the matter with Mayor Larry Bryant.

Jimmy Gaines, director of the Forrest City Civic Center, told commissioners that work to restore the platform stages in two of the civic center's rooms was complete. According to Gaines, Holmes Construction raised, stained and polishes the platforms. They also attached hand rails to make the stages more accessible.

According to Gaines, two televisions and speakers had also been installed at the facility to provide patrons with more options when renting.

The next civic center commission meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 11.