May the Fourth Be with You

Today is “Star Wars” day, and no matter how you look at it, it’s a day for all nerds and geeks to talk about the "Wars" and obsess over unknown facts and behind-the-scenes things that only real fans would know.

For instance, how many people know about an actor only ever known as Jack who played a Jawa in “Episode Four,” whom Mark Hamil referred to as a "Waist-High Don Rickles,” as he was apparently a particularly good insult comic? But the best part is the fact that Sir Alec Guinness helped Hamil pull a hilarious prank on him. If you have never heard that story, I suggest you look it up. Hamil tells it wonderfully.

With the latest entries into the Star Wars universe, in my opinion they’re better than the prequels but still never going to top the originals, I’d still have to say that I wasn't as disappointed by these movies as I was with “Phantom Menace.” I saw it with my friends as a kid and thought “Wow, these movies are amazing," but the older I got, the more I would dread binge watching because of having to watch that one.

“Star Wars,” in my opinion, has always been a different type of topic. You have people who like it or they don't. In my experience, there aren’t a lot of people who just like them "okay.” I got started on “Star Wars” with my Dad. I remember one day he told me that we were going to watch “Star Wars” that night and that it was a space movie with light sabers and X-Wing fighter space ships. My imagination went wild.

Of course, nothing I imagined was anything like the movie, but it gave me something to look forward to. To this day, whenever a “Star Wars” movie of any sort is released, Dad and I make a trip to see it. Most of the time with my uncle in tow, considering Dad took him to his first “Wars” film as well.

For me, “Star Wars” means more than the greatest cinematic reveal in history, it’s a memory, a fond remembrance, a great time in my life. It’s something I will never forget because I see these movies for the first time, every time, with my Dad.

As a nerd, I really fall away from my family. Not really many nerds, with the exception of my uncle, who is basically a mix-breed between being a sports-oriented super fan and a nerd. Not something most people see. However, I get bored with sports and athletic things, so games and movies and far-away fantasy worlds fit my needs much more suitably.

Quite honestly, it provides an escape from the stresses in the real world and the problems and troubles we face from day to day, and it makes a huge difference in life by being able to forget about the problems for a little while.

Truth is, people should do whatever it is that makes them happy. Watch your movies or sports. Play your video games or instruments. Live your life the way that fits. Just follow the laws and everything will be fine. People can't stop you from finding happiness, you just have to find it in yourself first before you can see it in the real world. Like Luke discovering he had a hero in him all along and that he wasn't just some farm boy from Tatooine.

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

May the Fourth be with You.

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