Property values to increase for several residents

Increases in the property values of approximately 170 St. Francis County residents will be reflected in notices from the St. Francis County Board of Equalization and the county’s reappraisal company, Delta Mass Appraisal Services (DMAS), Inc.

Board hires news deputy superintendent

The hiring of a new deputy superintendent, the purchasing of three new buses and the news that the Forrest City School District is accredited were highlights during the brief regular meeting of the Forrest City School Board Thursday night.

QC Budget Committee agrees to transfers for county general

The 2016 budget process in St. Francis County continued Tuesday with a meeting of the Quorum Court’s budget committee. The group unanimously approved the possible transfers of up to $100,000 from the jail maintenance fund and the Interstate 40 interdictory force. They also agreed to ask elected officials to present their budgets in an effort to avoid a deficit of about $160,000.