Cursive or cursing?

I recall the day, while I was toiling away in the second grade, when my fellow toilers and I were informed that, beginning immediately, we would use nothing but “real writin’” for all tests and anything else we did that required written communication.

I have some PC demands

After reading that a production of the play, “The Vagina Monologues” had been cancelled at Mt. Holyoke College in Massacheusetts, I was intrigued. The reason given was that it wasn’t inclusive enough, because trans-gender women were not included in the play. First let me say, that if it can be scheduled, it can be unscheduled. Totally their right. No outrage there. However, I began to get my feelings hurt a little after I thought about it, and realized that I couldn’t remember a single instance in which I’ve benefitted from political correctness. Obviously, the PC Police have been ignoring me, and that knowledge hurt my feelings even more. To that … Continued

Farewell, college football

Well, it’s time to bid a fond farewell to college football, alas. I know there’s still some pro games, but I’m a college football fan.

My three weeks off

Because Christmas and New Year’s came on Thursday this time around, I missed two consecutive weeks of columns.

My Baby is sick! Help!

I’m in a very distressed mood today. My computer is sick; so sick in fact that I’m having to take it to the hospital. I hope I don’t end up having to put it down. I’ve become quite attached to it.

Waiting by the phone

I’m glad to see all the activities that are going on for Halloween. It’s a good time to have special, safe activities for kids. Actually, that’s nothing new.