Cute? Or varmints?

After finding out the hard way that my garbage cart isn’t immune to certain critters (and I don’t mean human ones) and then catching one, if not red-pawed, at least slinking guiltily, I feel I must speak.

How long ‘til fall?

Is this only May? How can that be? True, June is getting closer, but it’s not in any hurry that I can see. And then there’ll be July and August, just plodding along like they don’t care.

For Mom

I notice that Mother’s Day comes not a long time before school gets out for the summer.

Beware the zapper

Something there is that makes things disappear, and then makes them reappear in unexpected places.

Hope to hear buzzing

I’m glad some folks have reported recently that they’ve seen swarms of honey bees. I haven’t seen the first lone bee this spring, and I’ve been looking.

Confessions of a ham

I just finished acting in a play at East Arkansas Community College. It’s something I do every chance I get. Wanting to be on stage is like a disease with me. I guess you could say I’m a ham that can’t be cured.