No pot, for now

Okay, so now we can apply for medical marijuana. Do I plan to do so? Well, no, I don’t have a condition that could be helped by the stuff.

I’ll just keep the allergies

I was checking the local pollen levels on the internet recently when a thought came to me – how long have we humans been so all-fired concerned with pollen levels, anyway?

Cute? Or varmints?

After finding out the hard way that my garbage cart isn’t immune to certain critters (and I don’t mean human ones) and then catching one, if not red-pawed, at least slinking guiltily, I feel I must speak.

How long ‘til fall?

Is this only May? How can that be? True, June is getting closer, but it’s not in any hurry that I can see. And then there’ll be July and August, just plodding along like they don’t care.

For Mom

I notice that Mother’s Day comes not a long time before school gets out for the summer.

Beware the zapper

Something there is that makes things disappear, and then makes them reappear in unexpected places.