The porch and me

“Honey, the back porch needs painting,” Alice said. “You’re right, it does,” I had to admit. “It’s really a mess,” she said. “Yep,” I conceded, “I’ll look up the best paints in Consumer Reports.” That was, oh, about two years ago. Give me a break, folks, it takes time. One must choose the paint carefully. Not only that, but the porch was in need of a major cleaning before it ever had a drop of paint – a consideration that also took time. And, yes, it took me time to work myself up to doing it. Okay, admitted. Does that make everybody feel better? Well, I worked myself up. It … Continued

Well, I don’t miss them back

“We miss you.”

That was the large, printed message on the outside of the envelope we received in the mail this week. It was from a credit card company, which shall remain nameless. It was not the first such mailing we have received from this company. I doubt, alas, if it was the last.

You registered on WHAT?!?

Okay, I have endured this as long as I can. I realized I had to write about this Ashley Madison mess when I found myself rolling around on the floor, laughing hysterically. At that point, I knew that if I didn’t write about it I’d probably hurt myself.

Too long at the fair?

Now is a time of year when I always get tense. It’s almost a month away, but there’s already news of the St. Francis County Fair.

No, and you can’t make me

Well, it’s getting to be about that time. I need to make my announcement. I hadn’t planned on making my announcement this time around, but events have overtaken me and I feel like I need to do it:

‘Oliver!’ and tomatoes

As many of you (I hope) know, the Forrest City Little Theatre will be presenting “Oliver!” this Saturday and Sunday at the EACC Fine Arts Center.