Let the buyer beware

I firmly believe that a consumer has the right to expect reasonable quality from any purchase he or she might make.

Let’s be polite, folks

In some 36 years of reporting, I covered more than a few meetings what were – shall we say – less than cordial in atmosphere and demeanor. And I’m not pointing at any particular city council, board or commission.

Still lousy at predicting

So, as is often the case, I was wrong in a prediction. I predicted that the Forrest City Water Commission would not be abolished, and it was.

Shelter has many dogs that need good homes

While everyone is welcoming spring after a long, cold winter, there are some things that don’t go away like snow and ice does. An example is the existence of too many unwanted dogs – a problem that never goes away.

Having to walk inside – sigh

I’ve been walking for my health for several months now, and since the weather got nasty I’ve made a few observations, since I’m having to walk inside.

Ready for some warmth

All right, what’s with all this cold? I’m not alone. All one has to do is look on Facebook to know folks are pining for some warm weather.

Pizza, convicts and that bridge

I guess I must confess: I have been known at times to eat pizza with a knife and fork, particularly when it was fresh from the oven and I didn’t want third-degree burns on my mouth.