Having to walk inside – sigh

I’ve been walking for my health for several months now, and since the weather got nasty I’ve made a few observations, since I’m having to walk inside.

Ready for some warmth

All right, what’s with all this cold? I’m not alone. All one has to do is look on Facebook to know folks are pining for some warm weather.

Pizza, convicts and that bridge

I guess I must confess: I have been known at times to eat pizza with a knife and fork, particularly when it was fresh from the oven and I didn’t want third-degree burns on my mouth.

Hooray for the 26th

Well, here it is, my most favorite day of the year. This is the one day when the majority of people are just as Scroogy as I am the rest of the time.

One day more than enough

This is my last column before Christmas, and I figure there may be some folks out there still wondering if I really am a Scrooge.

So, has anything changed?

Some folks may wonder if my point of view on certain subjects has changed since I retired, or semi-retired, or whatever the heck it is that I am.