Memories of Christmas?

Christmas seems to be a time for folks to get nostalgic. So I think I’ll try that out, and see if it can take some of the edge off my Scrooginess.

Remember the Wish book?

One of the problems with growing up is that you don’t get the cool stuff anymore. That’s a small part of why I’m a Scrooge.

Time for congratulations

I seem to recall that in two previous columns I promised that after the election, I would reveal my vote for president.

I’ve got free candy

I thought I had made up this silly joke all by my lonesome, and was congratulating myself on my creativeness until I saw my joke, or several close versions of it, all over the place.

How about voting, folks?

I had thought about waiting until election day to vote. I thought it would be exciting to be at the polls on The Big Day. But when Alice said she’d rather early vote, I didn’t fuss. In some ways, it’s easier, more convenient, less hectic.

The season approacheth

I have to admit, even though it seems too early for Christmas (Ick! I said it!), I have experienced one of the few things I do like about the holidays.