Old game, new setting

So, here I am, playing “pick up sticks” again. And I’m not talking about the childhood game I enjoyed so much, and that I discovered you can still order online. They may even have it in stores; I haven’t checked in the last few decades. I’m talking about the “sticks” that I find in my yard after every storm.

‘Punkins’ or ‘sweet taters?’

I have noticed pumpkins at local grocery stores lately. It not only brings mental images of autumn, my favorite time of year, it also brings up a challenge that I face annually: Should I make a pumpkin pie (or pies), or should I stick to the much easier sweet potato pie?

More highway work?

My first reaction upon reading that there will be more I-40 work in the near future was, “Oh nooooo! More congestion. More detours. More sitting still on the interstate and U.S. 70.”

Finally wetting a hook?

It’s finally happening. After a hiatus of several years, my fishing buddy and I are planning on getting out and drowning a few crickets

Only once a year? Hmmm…

I was at the fair on Monday, and was standing there innocently, eating a foot long (or was it a two foot long?) corn dog with one hand and wiping mustard off my mouth with the other.

Free fair? No fair!

I just want to go on record as saying I think it’s terrible to offer free admission one night during the St. Francis County Fair.

Back to school? So soon?

School days? Already? “Back to school” seems to be the main topic of ads and store aisles these days. It’s starting to look like school comes around almost as often as Christmas anymore. Which is strange, since I don’t dread school the way I do Christmas. That’s not to say I never did dread school. There were days during summer vacation when I would look at the calendar and realize that my blessed days of freedom were slipping away all too fast. Then by the opening of school, in self defense, I would manage to work myself into some kind of positive frenzy. I’m sure most folks did. You know: … Continued