My three weeks off

Because Christmas and New Year’s came on Thursday this time around, I missed two consecutive weeks of columns.

My Baby is sick! Help!

I’m in a very distressed mood today. My computer is sick; so sick in fact that I’m having to take it to the hospital. I hope I don’t end up having to put it down. I’ve become quite attached to it.

Waiting by the phone

I’m glad to see all the activities that are going on for Halloween. It’s a good time to have special, safe activities for kids. Actually, that’s nothing new.

Whose ads were best?

Just think, in less than two weeks we’ll be able to fill up on Kiwanis pancakes (I like to go for breakfast) and then trek to the polls. Then we can sit back and wait to find out whose negative ads worked the best.

Old game, new setting

So, here I am, playing “pick up sticks” again. And I’m not talking about the childhood game I enjoyed so much, and that I discovered you can still order online. They may even have it in stores; I haven’t checked in the last few decades. I’m talking about the “sticks” that I find in my yard after every storm.

‘Punkins’ or ‘sweet taters?’

I have noticed pumpkins at local grocery stores lately. It not only brings mental images of autumn, my favorite time of year, it also brings up a challenge that I face annually: Should I make a pumpkin pie (or pies), or should I stick to the much easier sweet potato pie?

More highway work?

My first reaction upon reading that there will be more I-40 work in the near future was, “Oh nooooo! More congestion. More detours. More sitting still on the interstate and U.S. 70.”