Guess I will mention it

I wasn’t going to comment on this, but, well, the Supreme Court has been busy lately, and I’ve been hearing a bunch of stuff, and, well…… Marriage is not dead.

Okay about that flag

In the interests of full disclosure: Back in the early 1960s, I was a Rebel among Rebels. That’s what our high school’s team name was. We were the Watkins Overton High School Rebels.

Now, about that primary

So, what, in my opinion – and it’s possible my opinion could be wrong but I don’t think so – will Arkansas gain from moving its primary from May to March next year? In four words – nothing, nada, zip, zero.

Keeping up with kids?

As some may already know, the Forrest City Little Theatre has begun rehearsals for the musical, “Oliver!” to be presented in July.

Summer as I’ve never seen it

Summer approaches, and I, having been semi-retired for a while, have been studying some things. These are things I only noticed enough to complain about in times past, but I have been giving more thought to them lately.

Nothing funny, folks

Well, this seems to be one of those weeks in which absolutely nothing funny has happened or is happening, anywhere. Trouble is, I have to write something. So in the absence of anything funny, I turn to things I find alarming.

No hearts and flowers, please

With Mother’s Day approaching, there’s an awful lot of sentimental, sometimes downright maudlin, stuff on the Internet and other places, concerning mothers and motherhood. That’s fine. Folks do get emotional when it comes to their mothers. No gripe here.

Invasion of the drones?

I got a kick out of the story from The Netherlands, about a chimpanzee that destroyed a drone when its keepers sent one a-droning over the zoo exhibit where it lives.