Don’t look outside!

As I got out of bed Monday morning, the first thing Alice said to me was, “Don’t look outside!” Oh-oh. Cue the ominous music.

Not the ‘s’ (snow) word

This is my first column of 2016, so I’m not going to start it off by talking about how I went out, in the cold, for my monthly game of pick up sticks.

One day more than enough

This is my last column before Christmas, and I figure there may be some folks out there still wondering if I really am a Scrooge.

An in-between time

Okay, so what do we call this time of year? I mean, besides fall, or football season? Halloween is over. In fact, even after all the buildup, it’s so over you can hardly tell it was ever here. Halloween is almost as skillful as that holiday that comes toward the end of December – when it comes to disappearing without a trace the day after. More about that later. Let’s think about it. Thanksgiving is the better part of a month away. We can’t really call it the holiday season yet, at least I can’t bring myself to do it. And I’m positive that this stretch doesn’t qualify for the … Continued

The porch and me

“Honey, the back porch needs painting,” Alice said. “You’re right, it does,” I had to admit. “It’s really a mess,” she said. “Yep,” I conceded, “I’ll look up the best paints in Consumer Reports.” That was, oh, about two years ago. Give me a break, folks, it takes time. One must choose the paint carefully. Not only that, but the porch was in need of a major cleaning before it ever had a drop of paint – a consideration that also took time. And, yes, it took me time to work myself up to doing it. Okay, admitted. Does that make everybody feel better? Well, I worked myself up. It … Continued

Well, I don’t miss them back

“We miss you.”

That was the large, printed message on the outside of the envelope we received in the mail this week. It was from a credit card company, which shall remain nameless. It was not the first such mailing we have received from this company. I doubt, alas, if it was the last.