The mowing has begun

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be retired, or lazy. I keep having to do stuff, in spite of all I was told about how great retirement would be (I was already lazy).

Watch your step, Easter Bunny

  Well, shucks. I was having a fine old time on Facebook, complaining that Easter is becoming more commercialized, and grumbling that it may eventually catch up with that other holiday – you know, the one in December. Then some smarty had to remind me that commercialism – or at least, paganism – has been part of Easter from the beginning. It started when Christians adapted pagan symbols of new life or rebirth; in other words, eggs and cute little bunny rabbits. Somewhere, the outlandish custom of giving baby chicks and ducks was established, which I guess also means new life (though it seldom means that for the chicks and … Continued

So much for science

Scientific study has not always been popular, or safe. Look at Galileo, Copernicus, Frankenstein…..

Another dreary day

I was all set to complain about how dreary and cold the weather was, but that got upset when I did a little fact checking on myself. In all honesty, I liked it better when I could say anything and other people had to check on me. These days, it’s too doggone easy for me to check on myself. Kinda takes the fun out of things. It’s almost as bad as being a politician. Shucks. Anyhow, with the help of my (usually) trusty computer, I simply looked back at last year. What I found was that at this exact time in 2015 (Feb. 15 and 16 to be exact), I … Continued

And now the primaries

(NOTE FROM ME: Nothing in this column is to be construed as an endorsement by this newspaper. This is my opinion and mine only – DN.)
Well now. Politics has gotten extremely interesting recently. At least so it seems to me, as I watch TV, read the news and sit in front of my computer.

Can we trust you, Phil?

I’m not sure how a rodent with an impossible-to-spell name got handed all this power as a weather prognosticator. But he’s certainly gotten a lot of publicity over the years because of it. Deserved? I’m not too sure.

Don’t look outside!

As I got out of bed Monday morning, the first thing Alice said to me was, “Don’t look outside!” Oh-oh. Cue the ominous music.

Not the ‘s’ (snow) word

This is my first column of 2016, so I’m not going to start it off by talking about how I went out, in the cold, for my monthly game of pick up sticks.