Employees of the Forrest City Post Office are still receiving many packages and letters to be mailed out following the holiday period. Postmaster...

 Editor     Jan 03, 2020   [comment_count]

Following the Christmas Holiday, the Forrest City Christmas Tree, on Izard Street has been stripped of all branches in preparation of removal....

 Editor     Jan 03, 2020   [comment_count]

Santa Claus stopped by the Forrest City Public Library this week to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas,” before visiting with children. After...

 Editor     Dec 18, 2019   [comment_count]

St. Francis County residents gathered in the circuit courtroom at the courthouse Tuesday night to hear the result of the special election on a one...

 Editor     Dec 11, 2019   [comment_count]

Eight-year-old Ryan Moore, left, and nine-year-old Bradon Bryant are more interested and entertained by playing games on their phones than...

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Total 54
For 46
Against 8

For 46
Against 8

For 29
Against 24

 Editor     Dec 10, 2019   [comment_count]

Early votes
Total votes cast 716
.25% Sales and Use Tax
For 448
Against 264

.625% Sales and Use Tax
For 443...

 Editor     Dec 10, 2019   [comment_count]

Forrest City Downtown Revitalization Committee members Dickie Baker and Jenny Vandiver prepare to string lights around a Christmas tree on Izard...

 Editor     Dec 06, 2019   [comment_count]