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Position 3 FC
LaShia Hawkins- 251
Lisa Douglas - 447
Yolanda Alexander Mason-277

Position 4 FC

 Editor     May 21, 2019   [comment_count]

Mary Ann Hill casts her ballot this morning in the annual Forrest City School District election. The activity center at the First United Methodist...

 Editor     May 21, 2019   [comment_count]

Annette Wilson, middle, and Corinne Eldridge, right, with the Forrest City chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, talk with Forrest City City Councilman...

 Editor     May 21, 2019   [comment_count]

Election worker Janet Barnes puts together one of the voting kits for the school board election tomorrow. The election boxes will be heading to...

 Editor     May 20, 2019   [comment_count]

Work on the new pool at the Forrest City Sports Complex is nearing completion. A worker with Wagner Construction uses a Bobcat to level the ground...

 Editor     May 17, 2019   [comment_count]

After a week of dry weather, children are enjoying time playing outside. Beckett Flowers, 3, plays in the sandbox at a local daycare. Read more in...

 Editor     May 17, 2019   [comment_count]

The Forrest City School District held its graduation ceremonies this morning for kindergarten and preschool students. Family and friends gathered...

 Editor     May 16, 2019   [comment_count]

Calvary Christian School held its annual St. Jude Trike-a-thon this morning with the kindergarten and preschool students. Brooke Jackson walks...

 Editor     May 15, 2019   [comment_count]



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