Beware free samples

There are those who think I’m a cat hater. I’m no such thing. I get along fine with cats. I’m just not fooled by them.

Bless the Beasts

I was sitting out on my back porch one evening, quietly celebrating the recovery of my pulled muscle to the point that I had been able to do a little light yard-reclamation work that day, when it happened.

The rake and I

I pulled a muscle along my ribs while raking. That pretty well put an end to my yard work for a couple of days.

Storms getting names?

I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems to me there has been a plethora of named weather lately. And hurricane season doesn’t officially start until tomorrow (June 1).

Did you vote?

I did something on Tuesday. I voted. I’m not asking for a gold star or anything. In fact, it shouldn’t be any more remarkable than saying I got up or ate breakfast.

So it’s summer already

So we’ve gone straight from winter to summer, with barely a couple days of spring. Or so it seems. I believe I drove around with my windows down twice. After that, I had to roll up the windows and turn on the A/C.