Well, I don’t miss them back

“We miss you.”

That was the large, printed message on the outside of the envelope we received in the mail this week. It was from a credit card company, which shall remain nameless. It was not the first such mailing we have received from this company. I doubt, alas, if it was the last.

Letters to the Editor

Dear friends:
Excuse me, I’m having a Donald Trump moment. I can’t understand why I’m so smart and everyone else is so stupid.

Yes, it has begun

Okay, it’s happened. The gloves can come off. I feel justified to issue my first Humbug of the year.

Letters to the Editor

Dear friends and neighbors:
Do you realize that a child going to a public school loses one of their basic freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? They lose their freedom of speech.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Read the Wednesday paper that has the article about Jeremy Buchanan and the long list of very serious crimes he has on his record, but, for various reasons that make no sense, most all were dropped.

I don’t want to hear it

Okay, let’s take a vote: All who think the next person who says, “Holy Toledo!” should be tarred, feathered, run out of town on a rail and then burned at the stake – or at least flogged – say “Wooo Pig.”

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Once again I am speaking, I hope, for many in our area. Does anyone have a good rational answer for why the Forrest City Walmart store has chosen not to allow the NEARCO paper/cardboard recycling bin in their parking lot anymore?

Too long at the fair?

Okay, I decided that since Monday featured free admission at the St. Francis County Fair, I’d go and sort-of take a peek.

You registered on WHAT?!?

Okay, I have endured this as long as I can. I realized I had to write about this Ashley Madison mess when I found myself rolling around on the floor, laughing hysterically. At that point, I knew that if I didn’t write about it I’d probably hurt myself.