Keeping up with kids?

As some may already know, the Forrest City Little Theatre has begun rehearsals for the musical, “Oliver!” to be presented in July.

Letters to the Editor 5/27

Students and parents need to be advised that due to specific “cuts” deemed necessary by Dr. (Tiffany) Hardrick, all coaches have lost their summer “days” on their contracts.

Summer as I’ve never seen it

Summer approaches, and I, having been semi-retired for a while, have been studying some things. These are things I only noticed enough to complain about in times past, but I have been giving more thought to them lately.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
The Omega Chapter of Delta Beta Sigma would like to thank the community for supporting all of our efforts to raise money for the philanthropy cause Ronald McDonald House Inc.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
There’s nothing quite as alarming as the blaring siren of an ambulance or fire truck fast approaching. Whether you’re in your car or safely in your home, knowing that someone – somewhere – may be in a life-threatening situation automatically increases our level of alertness.

Nothing funny, folks

Well, this seems to be one of those weeks in which absolutely nothing funny has happened or is happening, anywhere. Trouble is, I have to write something. So in the absence of anything funny, I turn to things I find alarming.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
Have you noticed the landscaping in front of the Forrest City Post Office? When in season, the flowers and shrubbery are so pretty.

Letters to the Editor

Most people only visit hospitals occasionally, when a loved one is sick or a friend is having a baby. Associates at Forrest City Medical Center are different in this regard. Each day, many of our more than 200 employees come to the hospital to provide compassionate, personalized care for friends, neighbors and those they do not know.

No hearts and flowers, please

With Mother’s Day approaching, there’s an awful lot of sentimental, sometimes downright maudlin, stuff on the Internet and other places, concerning mothers and motherhood. That’s fine. Folks do get emotional when it comes to their mothers. No gripe here.