Every once in a while

It’s not that I’m lazy. I know a lot of folks would accuse me of that, but it isn’t so. It’s just that I don’t like doing things that require physical effort. Any physical effort. My body was not constructed for physical effort. Well, unless it’s something I enjoy, like singing or eating.

May the Fourth Be with You

Today is “Star Wars” day, and no matter how you look at it, it’s a day for all nerds and geeks to talk about the “Wars” and obsess over unknown facts and behind-the-scenes things that only real fans would know.

I shoulda thought sooner

So there I stood in the kitchen, facing the enemy. On the counter it waited, brooding and confident. I took a deep breath. I had done this once before, and had hoped I wouldn’t have to face it again.

Let’s ‘fix’ our pets

It’s good to read that folks can get help nowadays to keep their animals, particularly dogs and cats from reproducing. It was not always so. At least, I don’t remember there being grants for spaying and neutering when I was a kid.

The summer doldrums

Alas. I guess I’m not a true sports fan. True sports fans love everything. I tend to pick and choose. And as such, I’m in the summer doldrums.

Holidays and smart houses

In case no one has noticed, we are in the middle of a holiday drought. I’m talking about holidays when almost everyone, or at least most folks, get off from work.

Easter and pollen

Ah, so now we enter into that wonderful time of year, when flowers bloom and the fancies of young men lightly turn to thoughts of love. It’s also time for Easter, which could mean worship or Easter egg hunts, or both.

Toys were them?

If one can get through all the political mess that’s flooding the news today, one other story might grab one’s attention: Toys R Us is closing its stores in the United States.

I just won’t mention it…

The change to Daylight Saving comes this Sunday. And for as long as I’ve been writing a column, I’ve given a twice-a-year rant against time changes. In all that time, I’ve had one result: Nothing.