The merger: a foregone conclusion

As a small town newspaper reporter, it can be frustrating to cover a subject thoroughly only to hear so many people in the community get the story so, so wrong. It happens. And the merger between Crowley’s Ridge Technical Institute and East Arkansas Community College is chief among those subjects.

Cats and national security

It’s been a while since I’ve written about cats. I suppose it’s because I figured I had exhausted all angles of the cat situation. But I was wrong.

No pot, for now

Okay, so now we can apply for medical marijuana. Do I plan to do so? Well, no, I don’t have a condition that could be helped by the stuff.

I’ll just keep the allergies

I was checking the local pollen levels on the internet recently when a thought came to me – how long have we humans been so all-fired concerned with pollen levels, anyway?

The pool party

When I began writing this column, I made the decision to refrain from writing editorially about things that hit too close to home.