The surveillance state

Government operatives collected the communication data from Donald Trump and his transition team before he was sworn into office.

Why Trump, again?

Those of you who read my column will know that it has been quite some time since I have written about our president. In recent weeks, I have chosen instead to address the waste and recklessness currently running rampant in Little Rock.

Nothing funny today, folks

Okay, it rarely happens, but this is one of those times. Anyway, sorry folks, but there is absolutely nothing funny happening in the world today. Makes it hard if you’re supposed to be writing a column that attempts at humor.

Legislator knows best: Education edition

It should not come as a surprise, but Arkansas’ public education system isn’t exactly ranked among the best in the country. In fact, the state’s overall ranking dropped again this year, from 41st in the nation to 43rd, according to Education Week’s annual Quality Counts report.

Don’t touch that dial!

I remember it like it was yesterday. Well, it was almost yesterday – more like a couple of days ago. I was here at my computer. Alice was in the living room, but the computer room door was open, and I could hear her solving the puzzles on “Wheel of Fortune.” More about that later.