Need those beauty salons

I sure hope we don’t keep losing beauty salons. If we do, we’re going to have some extremely upset ladies. And you know the saying, when Mama’s not happy….you know the rest. I’m sure that it’s only a coincidence, but losing two to fire in a short period of time is tough on more than the business owners. I hope there are enough salons left to take up the slack while the two are being rebuilt. I say all this because of information I received years ago, when there was a beauty salon right next door to the Times-Herald. It was during one of those winters when we got a … Continued

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Regarding the Confederate flag: As an African-American if you could equate our feelings regarding that flag to what people of the Jewish religion feel when they are exposed to the Nazi swastika of Germany.

Guess I will mention it

I wasn’t going to comment on this, but, well, the Supreme Court has been busy lately, and I’ve been hearing a bunch of stuff, and, well…… Marriage is not dead.

Johnny Lee Jones Jr.

Mr. Johnny Lee Jones Jr., passed away Saturday, June 20, 2015, at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis.

Okay about that flag

In the interests of full disclosure: Back in the early 1960s, I was a Rebel among Rebels. That’s what our high school’s team name was. We were the Watkins Overton High School Rebels.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editior:
Forrest City Area Humane Society would like to publicly thank the Forrest City community for their support for our annual Lasagna Dinner and Silent Auction.

Classie Mae McDaniel

Mrs. Classie Mae McDaniel, age 89, passed away Thursday, June 4, 2015, at her home.

Now, about that primary

So, what, in my opinion – and it’s possible my opinion could be wrong but I don’t think so – will Arkansas gain from moving its primary from May to March next year? In four words – nothing, nada, zip, zero.