My own letter…

Dear Santa,
So, how goes it? How are the reindeer? Are they magic like you? Or will any of them be retiring soon? I mean, it’s been almost 200 years since they were introduced. Does Rudolph’s nose ever need recharging? Is Mrs. Claus keeping you well-fed?

A coming together

I wrote recently that the main things I dislike about Christmas are the things that make people heave a sigh of relief on the evening of Dec. 25, and say, “Thank goodness it’s over.””

State of the District

The second-most requested editorial subject from my readers this month, behind the city’s aquatic center boondoggle, was the state of the Forrest City School District and the quality of its leadership. This is a loaded topic, one that I have managed to avoid for my nearly two-year tenure at the Times-Herald. And it’s a topic that could take two years to fully anatomize. The state of the district is the accumulation of not just the current administration, but those that predate my time as a student there. And believe it or not, it was this very topic that led to the demise of the Forrest City High School newspaper, The … Continued

My Thanksgiving column

I used to look forward to Thanksgiving for a reason not many people have. While I worked at the Times-Herald, we didn’t publish on that holiday, and since my column came out on Thursday, I was off the hook for that week.

One last swimming pool column

Last week, I asked what you, my readers, what you wanted to read in these last few editorials before I depart. And those of you who responded, to no real surprise, wanted to read more about the city’s swimming pool boondoggle.

Diet? Try it? Must I?

So there I was, looking at myself – really looking at myself – for the first time in a while. I couldn’t joke it away by saying, “Who’s that old fat guy?” It was me, looking back out at myself from a mirror.

It gets better

Tragedy has the power to turn one’s world upside down in a very short amount of time. With something as simple as a phone call, lives can be changed forever. And no one is immune to it.

It cometh, but not yet

It was right after Halloween. I was half-watching a TV show, when I heard someone announce that Halloween marks the beginning of the Eating Season.