Third Party 2016

If you have ever so much as whispered about voting for a third party candidate, you have more than likely heard a number of the same bromides.

How about voting, folks?

I had thought about waiting until election day to vote. I thought it would be exciting to be at the polls on The Big Day. But when Alice said she’d rather early vote, I didn’t fuss. In some ways, it’s easier, more convenient, less hectic.

Kill the messenger

No one likes bad news. And if the saying “no news is good news” is correct then all news is, in fact, bad news.

The season approacheth

I have to admit, even though it seems too early for Christmas (Ick! I said it!), I have experienced one of the few things I do like about the holidays.


By now, just about everyone has heard the recording of Donald Trump’s disturbing comments made to an Access Hollywood reporter in 2005. In summary, Trump told the reporter that when he sees beautiful women, he just starts kissing them. He’s a star, he said, so he can do whatever he wants. He can even grab woman by their genitals and there’s nothing they can do about it.

The case for cannabis 2: Benefits untold

Apparently, marijuana legislation is controversial. I know this because everyone who read my last editorial warned me about the backlash I was sure to receive when I came to work Monday morning.

The case for cannabis – a safer alternative

If someone you loved was ill, and there was something you could give them to make them feel better, wouldn’t you? If there was something proven to ease pain, stop seizures and bring back cheerfulness, would you give it to them?

Scrooge was made, not born

Ah, ‘tis the season. I have never figured out if it is Hallowistmas or Christoween. It’s the time when you can start stocking up on Halloween stuff and buy an artificial Christmas tree and lights in the same store, on the same day.