When it’s bad vs. worse

If the presidential primaries finish as everyone expects them to, Americans will have a serious dilemma on their hands when they head to the polls in November.

On the left, you have a cold, calculating political manipulator under the cloud of a federal investigation. When Quinnipiac pollsters asked voters to use one word to describe Hillary Clinton, the first, by a lot, was “liar,” followed by “dishonest” and “untrustworthy.”

Spring fever

One could suppose that this gives me an excuse, at least once a year, for my general attitude against any sort of labor. Of course, I do object to the inclusion of “restlessness” in that particular definition. But one source actually went even further, using “excitement” as one of the symptoms.

Trump’s war on women

If you want to be the president of the United State of America, you will have to earn the support of women, a bloc that is made up of more than 70 million voters or approximately 63.7 percent of the national electorate. Apparently, no one has told Donald J. Trump. It’s really no secret that Trump doesn’t exactly have the best rapport when it comes to women. There is a litany of examples of his degradation of women, and most of them are very well documented. To work your way through all of them would take weeks. Why waste all of that time when the Republican front-runner’s war on women … Continued

The mowing has begun

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be retired, or lazy. I keep having to do stuff, in spite of all I was told about how great retirement would be (I was already lazy).

Mourn one, mourn all

Explosions rock the heart of a capital city, the capital city of a country that is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and a supposed American ally in the fight against the Islamic State. The act of terror leaves 34 people dead and many more injured.

Watch your step, Easter Bunny

  Well, shucks. I was having a fine old time on Facebook, complaining that Easter is becoming more commercialized, and grumbling that it may eventually catch up with that other holiday – you know, the one in December. Then some smarty had to remind me that commercialism – or at least, paganism – has been part of Easter from the beginning. It started when Christians adapted pagan symbols of new life or rebirth; in other words, eggs and cute little bunny rabbits. Somewhere, the outlandish custom of giving baby chicks and ducks was established, which I guess also means new life (though it seldom means that for the chicks and … Continued

Trump, the GOP and minorities

Unless you fall into the ranks of a devout Donald Trump supporter, you may have considered the presidential frontrunner’s negative impact on the Republican Party’s hope of embracing minority voters.

What’s that racket?

I was reminded of something last week, when, aided no doubt by all the rain, the electricity being provided to some of us decided to bug out for a while. I was reminded of how quiet it gets when everything in the house stops.