Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Citizens of Forrest City. You are being scammed by your own Forrest City City Council. It was with chagrin and dismay that I found on Nov. 18, that the city council voted to give themselves a $1,000 bonus.

It’s that time — again

Some folks may notice that I don’t complain a lot about next week’s holiday. The most obvious reason is that, since Thanksgiving comes on Thursday, I don’t have to write a column. But there are other reasons. While a lot of food – particularly turkey – is sold around this time, it seems somehow to have escaped the rampant commercialism that affects that other holiday, the one in December.

My Baby is sick! Help!

I’m in a very distressed mood today. My computer is sick; so sick in fact that I’m having to take it to the hospital. I hope I don’t end up having to put it down. I’ve become quite attached to it.

Waiting by the phone

I’m glad to see all the activities that are going on for Halloween. It’s a good time to have special, safe activities for kids. Actually, that’s nothing new.

Whose ads were best?

Just think, in less than two weeks we’ll be able to fill up on Kiwanis pancakes (I like to go for breakfast) and then trek to the polls. Then we can sit back and wait to find out whose negative ads worked the best.

Old game, new setting

So, here I am, playing “pick up sticks” again. And I’m not talking about the childhood game I enjoyed so much, and that I discovered you can still order online. They may even have it in stores; I haven’t checked in the last few decades. I’m talking about the “sticks” that I find in my yard after every storm.