Racism is a sin, too

This editorial won’t be well received by a number of my readers. Some of those readers have already complained that we, here at the Times-Herald, have shown prejudice against white people on this opinion page in the aftermath of the Charlottesville incident.

Cakes and flip-flops

I baked a cake. I realize that to a lot of people, that is about as momentous as saying they woke up this morning.

A sky full of ghosts

It’s probably safe to assume that everyone, including myself, has thought about traveling back in time at one point or another in their lifetime. We all have our reasons. Perhaps there is a moment in your past that you have always wanted to relive, or something you wish you would have done differently. Perhaps there is a period in history you would have liked to experience.

Junk mail still going strong

The digital age has come up with its own form of junk mail, often called spam – a cruel insult to an innocent meat product that’s doing the best it can.

The merger: a foregone conclusion

As a small town newspaper reporter, it can be frustrating to cover a subject thoroughly only to hear so many people in the community get the story so, so wrong. It happens. And the merger between Crowley’s Ridge Technical Institute and East Arkansas Community College is chief among those subjects.

Cats and national security

It’s been a while since I’ve written about cats. I suppose it’s because I figured I had exhausted all angles of the cat situation. But I was wrong.

No pot, for now

Okay, so now we can apply for medical marijuana. Do I plan to do so? Well, no, I don’t have a condition that could be helped by the stuff.

On the Ten Commandments

The state of Arkansas is back in the news again this week. And again, it might not be for the best reasons.