It’s school time again

“Another school year has begun.” I’ve noticed that over the years, the meaning of that simple sentence has gone through some dramatic changes – at least for me. Whether those changes are good, is, well, open to interpretation.

The cable news failure

Being a journalist comes with a lot of responsibility. Despite what someone on the campaign trail may say, journalism serves a tremendous role in society. It’s important, because there are countless things that members of our national and global communities need to be made aware of.

A sky of ghosts

It’s probably safe to assume that everyone, including myself, has thought about traveling back in time at one point or another in their lifetime. We all have our reasons. Perhaps there is a moment in your past that you have always wanted to relive, or something you wish you would have done differently. Perhaps there is a period in history you would have liked to experience.

An Olympian, I ain’t

Watching the Olympic Games on TV, I’m impressed with the things that athletes can get their bodies to do. Maybe I’m also a little envious.

Sore loser

With 94 days left until the general election, it seems that The Donald has already begun to hedge his bet on a “yuge” loss in November.

Another show, done

As some may know, I was in a Forrest City Little Theatre production over the weekend. I sang, I acted a little bit. I did not dance.

Putin’s puppet

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s bromance is well documented. It goes back further than Trump’s showering of praise for the Russian president over the course of his campaign. He even invited Putin to be his personal guest to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant during its Moscow debut.

My personal dust bowl

I hope I’m not jinxing myself by mentioning this. And I don’t want to get my hopes too high, but something seems to be developing.