Pretty selections

Echeveria succulents have miniature rosettes of silver green leaves and are sure to attract attention. The marker states they are tolerant to poor soil, heat and drought but should be protected from excessive winter moisture.
Angelonia blooms are charming snapdragon-like flowers that bloom profusely on upright steams, according to its marker. The vibrant flowers provide a colorful display in landscape beds or containers. It is a heat tolerant plant that is valued for its adaptability to moist or dry areas. The marker suggests paring it with zinnias, fibrous begonias and ageratums.
Foxgloves, according to a marker near the flower, are graceful flower spires that make a nice additive to a bouquet. They are attractive to hummingbirds and like to grow at woodland's edge or in a shaded gardens. Faded flowers can be trimmed for rebloom. They should be water weekly or during dry spells.
A dark knight variety of sweet alyssum, according to the marker near it, is great for all sizes of containers. It has masses of fragrant flowers and this variety will bloom all sumer even in hot climates. It is attractive to bees and butterflies and grows best in both partially sunny and full sunny gardens.
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